For my birthday, Jeny Rae gave me this poem by Tyler Knott Gregson. I'm re-gifting it to you:

For such a short time we are here, gifted years by silent explosions in the deep nothing of space. We are the star-dusted blips on the timeline of all things, half of a half of a blink in the history of it all. While we are here we have a choice on how to tumble through our time; we can find every possible way the galaxy has let us down, the pitfalls and terrible defeats, all we believe we do not have, Or, we can go another way. We can wake in awe and wonder and give our breath freely for all that never bothers to ask if it can take it away, we can chase light and miracles, hiding in so many unassuming places, we can repeat two words like a mantra, no matter what comes: Thank You. Thank you for the starlight that shines inside us, thank you for the moonlight above. Thank you. In an eternity of darkness, this half blink, this momentary blast of color and light, is so much more than enough.

You can find more of his work at Makes a great gift.