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Spring: The Liver System

  • ELDERFLOWER TINCTURE: An immune activator remedy - Thirteen Moons Apothecary, 1 oz tincture
  • BITTERS: A digestive aid specific to acid reflux, constipation, gas, and indigestion - Plant Medicine, 1 oz tincture
  • STRESS LESS: A formula designed to nourish the adrenal glands and modulate the stress response - Homestead Apothecary, 1 oz tincture
  • SEASONAL PUBLICATION - Both the Mamma and the Grandma shares are accompanied by our Seasonal Publication. This short booklet contains interviews with our herbalists on how to best use their medicines, sync with the seasons and learn the traditional kitchen practices that promote health.

Summer: the heart system

  • FIRST-AID SALVE:  for cuts, scrapes, bruises and chapped skin. - Plant Medicine, 1 oz jar
  • HEART OIL: An aromatherapy and energetic blend of flower essential oils that opens the heart - The Wheel Plant Medicine, 1/2 oz oil
  • CULTIVATION SALVE: for menstrual cramps, muscle aches, strained connective tissue and sore feet - Thirteen Moons Apothecary, 1 oz

fall: the lung system

  • IMMUNE CORDIAL: A sweet tasting immune tonic that both strengthens the immune system and acts as an anti-oxident - Ali Budner Herbs (1 oz)
  • COUGH SYRUP: Formulated by a brilliant 5 element acupuncturist, this blend stops coughingpromotes lung healing and immune strength - 5 Hearts Healing, 4 oz
  • SOOTHING FACE OIL: A gentle, nourishing face oil formulated to calm inflammation - 5 Hearts Healing, 1 oz

winter: the kidney system

  • TOOTH PASTE: A aryuvedic formula designed to re-mineralize the teeth and reverse cavities - Uncle Harry's, 2 oz
  • BEAUTIFUL HAIR TINCTURE: By tonifying the kidneys, this remedy thickens and lengthens the hair - Milagro Herbals, 2 oz
  • BULK REISHI: Reishi builds the deep immune system, fights infections and stabilizes the adrenal glands.  2 oz